Fun Cornhole Designs

Cornhole is a fun game whether there are a few people or whether there are several people divided into teams. If you’re designing the boards for the games that are played or to sell to other people, you might want to look at a few design ideas that are different than the standard wooden board with holes. When you’re designing cornhole sets, you need to look at the size of the board and the positioning of the holes as they should be in the proper location on each board.

Consider using wax on the boards so that the bags will easily slide instead of landing and staying in one place on the boards when they are thrown. Make it easier to keep up with the bags in the game by putting a container under the boards or cups under the holes. This will keep them in one place after they are thrown, and it will also help to keep them from getting dirty and torn when they land on the ground under the board.

If you’re making boards for police officers or for an event involving police officers, then create a flag design on the boards using blue instead of red. You can also write a phrase on the bottom of the boards, such as “Blue Lives Matter.” This idea can also be used for a fire department but with red instead of blue. You could use this design when making boards for an event honoring the men and women who work in these fields. Incorporate a beach theme with a large sea turtle on one board and seashells and a sunshine on the other one.

Use wood that is a light shade of brown to look like the sand. Someone who enjoys cars and trucks might like a set of boards with a vehicle logo and a large wrench design that ends at the center hole on the board. You can use nuts and bolts as additional designs on the boards. This might be an idea to consider if you’re making sets for a mechanic of a car dealership.