California: The Business Friendly State

Entrepreneurs in search of the best location for a new business can quit looking once they hit California. The Golden State is still one of the best areas in the country to set up shop for a number of industries. Agriculture, technology, construction: they are all thriving and make California one of the best places to search for commercial gold.

As the LA Times has pointed out, California’s reputation as a less-than-desirable business location is simply not true. Although some people will hear critics complain about regulation making it hard to set up a business, California has actually had better economic growth than most other states and experienced it at a higher rate than the national average. Census numbers prove that California attracts new companies at an impressive rate, meaning that the business environment is certainly friendly, despite the lingering perception that California is hard on entrepreneurs. Numbers don’t lie, and California has put up the numbers.

Almost any commercial entity can find a niche in the diversity of California’s economic structure. Sacramento, in particular, offers many opportunities for businesses. The unemployment rate is low, business creation is high, and family income can support the addition of more businesses. The median family income in Sacramento is approximately $50,000. Future job creation is expected to rise as well. Attracting workers is not an issue because the moderate year-round temperatures are still an excellent enticement for potential employees. The local worker pool is strong, and many people will still consider moving to California for a career opportunity.

If someone is looking for tips for Sacramento businesses to be successful, they need look no further than City Hall. The city works hard to cultivate a positive commercial environment and offers a number of aids to help owners get settled and their businesses established. The Greater Sacramento Small Business Development Center is a vital organization that can help people begin and grow their businesses.

The Stockton Boulevard Business Information Center is another excellent resource that provides area-specific data to help owners build their companies. The Service Corps of Retired Executives is another organization that can provide invaluable business assistance. In addition to these organizations, the city itself offers help in getting the proper documents and clearances that are necessary before companies open their doors.

In addition, their official website walks businesspeople through all the preliminary steps, including developing a business plan and acquiring financing. No matter what people may have heard about doing business in California, Sacramento offers them a chance to begin a business that is destined to grow and thrive.

Although it may sound like a cliché, moving to California is still a good way to seek a fortune. The weather is always a strong draw to business owners and potential employees, but, more importantly, the business climate is a good one. Research and census figures back up that finding, so any rumors otherwise are simply untrue. Unemployment is low, business growth is high, and the future economic climate looks even stronger. The Golden State takes good care of its businesses.